Paralegals – The A-Z Guide of Paralegals

Paralegal is someone who offers legal services to the public in the range of defined areas, including small claims court, traffic court, tribunal work, and criminal matters. The law society now regulates paralegals in the same way that it regulates lawyers, it means that consumers dealing with a paralegal, know that they are dealing with someone who is being licensed, accredited, and is required to be insured and to abide by a code of professional conduct. The paralegal field is one of the most rapidly growing fields of employment in USA.  It has been on top position as the most rapidly growing field for more than a decade. The department of labor predicts that this career will continue to be a leading area of employment for the other next ten years.

Schools by State:

Alabama Alaska Arizona Arkansas California
Colorado Connecticut Delware Florida Georgia
Hawaii Idaho Illinois Kansas Kentucky
Louisiana Maine Maryland Massachusetts Michigan
Minnesota Mississippi Missouri Montana Nebraska
Nevada New Hampshire New Jersey New Mexico New York
North Carolina North Dakota Ohio Oklahoma Oregon
Pennsylvania South Dakota Rhode Island South Carolina Wyoming
Tennessee Indiana Texas Utah Vermont
Virginia Washington West Virginia Wisconsin

Why Paralegal is one of the best professions?  There are many reasons to become a paralegal, but what does it makes this profession so great?

 Higher Employment Rate:  It is one of the trendy professions that have achieved to keep their employment rankings on the top of the Department of Labor in USA as one of the professions with the highest number of employments.  

The option to become a Lawyer: As a Paralegal you will work as a legal assistant where you can learn all the necessary information to become a lawyer. Being a paralegal will give you an advantage if you plan to get into law school. School administrators may feel that your experience as a paralegal shows how carefully you have considered your decision to enter in the field of law. 

Routine Tasks: This profession gives you daily routine tasks. Mostly, it will involve organizing files, checking files, and also finding the precedents to lawyers or clients.

High Paying Job: Working as a paralegal can help you get a high paying job. Working in a major corporation will lead to advancement opportunities within the company. The annual salary of a graduated paralegal has fluctuated greatly over the past several years in the USA. A standard base salary of a paralegal working 40 hours per week ranges from 27.450$ year to 67.450 per year.

Skills Needed to Become a Paralegal: It is possible to become an entry-level paralegal from on the job training at a law firm. But some paralegal positions require a paralegal certificate from an accredited legal over occasional school. This is not recommended or needed unless a person wishes to become a career paralegal, in which case it is needed to be certified in one of accredited schools from American Bar Association. Being an entry-level paralegal is a great way to decide if the legal profession is the one that you actually want to pursue.

Paralegals are responsible for helping lawyers with a variety of administrative tasks. They help them prepare for trials, hearings, depositions, and other legal events. But what can do a paralegal on its own? They can offer public legal services like small claims court, traffic offenses, personal injury, family law, and real estate law.

What is a small claims court? It is called a small claims court because of the monetary limit, which means that the most you can sue for is 25.000$ thousand dollars.  A typical scenario of a small claims court would be if you’ve hired a contractor to do some renovation in your home, and if they didn’t finish the job, in this case you have to bring an action against them, to recover the moneys that you have paid. Small claims court is the best option to sue someone if the value of the damage is lower than 25.000$. You can handle small claim courts with or without a lawyer; it is only needed to be heard by a judge, but the rules are not as formal as in Supreme Court.

What are Traffic Offenses?  Most faced traffic offenses are those called civil infractions. Anything which violates the rules of the traffic and does not include an imprisonment penalty is called a civil infraction or a traffic offense. Paralegals are eligible to defend this type of cases on the court in a legal and professional way. 

Paralegal is a great sector to work in, 71% of paralegals work in law firms while the rest is part of a corporate or government agencies. With a median range of 43.040$ per year, and an expectation of 28% job growth in the next 8 years, this sector is a great investment for your future.

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